US FDA Warning

Diclofenac linked to Liver Failure.
The US FDA warns about Liver Toxicity with the NSAID Diclofenac.

● Diclofenac has been reported for Liver Toxicity and Liver Failure in some patients.

● Case studies found on Liver Transplant and death with some patients using Diclofenac.

● Diclofenac causes Gastrointestinal discomfort, induces GI-Ulcer, Cardiovascular side effects.

● Contraindicated in bypass surgery patients.

● Abnormally alters liver enzymes and hemoglobin.

Precautions with Diclofenac (US FDA Warning)

Novartis and FDA Notifications:

Recommends Liver Function Tests during treatment with all products containing Diclofenac Sodium, e.g., Transaminases Activity.

Post Marketing Reports:

Drug-induced hepatotoxicity reported in the first month but can occur at any time during treatment with Diclofenac.
1. Liver Necrosis
2. Jaundice
3. Hepatitis
4. Liver Failure
5. Liver Transplantation